Flowers education lwc
Education Manager, Nebbart, with the flowers and letter from Sapitwa Junior Academy

This week our education team were thrilled to see just how much some of the learners appreciate their work! A letter of thanks along with the most beautiful flowers were delivered to our team from a school who came here to learn about environmental education at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. Their visit must have had a big impact! The teacher wrote:

“The students of Year 2 and Sapitwa Junior Academy would like to thank the wildlife centre and its warm and friendly staff for the wonderful experience that the students and I had during our class trip. The trip was a fun and educational way for the students to learn about our lesson on living things and movements. We also got some plants to plant at our school as a symbol of our love for nature. We thank your team and hope for more trips in the near future.”

Many thanks to Sapitwa Junior Academy for the lovely flowers and kind words! We hope to see you again soon.

Education at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

Schools that visit us here get an all round experience – a lesson on a particular wildlife/environmental topic from our very own modules, a tour of the sanctuary to see the animals and use of our playground equipment. The children love it and it’s a great way to make them appreciate how lucky Malawi is to have such amazing wildlife – by seeing it with their own eyes!

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