Julie Kristensen, 20, Denmark – February 2016

I was at the center for 22 weeks (5 months) and I loved every second of it! It was all that I thought it would be and so much more. From the moment I arrived, late because I missed a flight; the staff took care of me. They made sure that I got picked up at the airport and help me to settle in and get my luggage back – it of course also got lost on my way! And from the first time I sat a foot in that house I felt home. All the volunteers and staff were there because of their love for animals and wanted to help them, all with different experience. I had none at my arrival, but it did not matter for everyone wanted to teach me what to do and how to do it. Which meant that I also was able to help the animals and take new knowledge with me home. I worked with the animals everyday, and because of the amount of time I was there I was able to work with a lot of different species, and see them develop. I even got to work with some of the animals only a few volunteers had their hands on. But to be clear, all there is being done is for the animals and not the volunteers. So some of the volunteers there only were there for a few weeks did not get the opportunity to work or sit with all the animals. But without their work and help it would have been hard to do what is best for the animals. And it is hard work we did. It is not all looking at sweet animals and having fun, even thought it was a big part, but to cut veg and fruit, clean enclosures, browsing, fixing fences etc. But with the company of the people down there it’s fun and rewarding. Of course you once in a while I need some time off. I used most of mine to just relax in the center, but it was easy if you wanted to go into town or go to a pool, just jump on a tuk tuk or the buses. And once a month we had a long weekend. I used mine to go on a safari in Zambia and see some of Malawi, which is a beautiful country, worth exploring.
I would and have recommended it to anyone I see and know! Do it if you are dreaming of learning or working with animals. It made my dreams come true.