DSCF1309LWT has an afforestation programme where we plants trees in and around Lilongwe every year, in an attempt to mitigate effects of climate change in Malawi through restoration of the natural habitats. The trees are planted in schools through wildlife clubs and surrounding communities by People and Wildlife Clubs (PAW clubs) and Youth groups.  Through the same program, over the past two months (December and January) we have managed to plant a whopping 3963 trees of Red mahogany (M`bawa), Faihdherbia albida, (Msangu) species in the following schools: Chimutu primary :240, chambu primary :120, along Lilongwe river:280, Lilongwe girls:60, Likuni boys :1363, Chinkhuti :1320, kabwabwa community :370 and  Mkwichi secondary 210. The trees are provided to schools and surrounding communities for free after registering with our program. We deliver the trees to planting sites and all trees are closely monitored to ensure that the intended survival rate is achieved.

Our  tree planting aims to reforest the areas in Lilongwe that have been hit hardest by deforestation (mainly for firewood and charcoal) and teach the benefits to the youth of Malawi of having trees around, both short and long term. And the trees along the river beds also aim to reduce flooding in the rainy season, particularly poignant considering the flooding in Malawi in recent years.

It’s been a great few months of tree planting so far, and we will try to keep you all updated with the latest news!