12471556_10153538450648411_6889350579071689549_oMeet Troy, our first rescue of 2016. He was being sold, most likely for meat, after being kept as a pet for a year when his troop were chased out of a village and he was left behind. He had been kept tied to a tree with a rope around his neck and under his arm.

However, Troy has had a turn of fate as after being spotted being sold right here in Lilongwe, his sellers were instructed to bring him to Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, which they did happily and turned Troy over to us with no problems.

Troy has now had his first health check and though malnourished, traumatised and some lingering irritation from where the rope was, he’s otherwise in good health so we just need to work on getting his strength and confidence up! Our team are giving him the best possible care and soon he will be integrated with the yellow baboon troop here at LWC, with every chance to one day be released back into the wild.

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