Ed Clark, 19, UK – January 2016

Working at LWC, I really got to see all sides of rehabilitation. The animals there get the opportunity to actually be released back into the wild. While I was there I got to see lots of the relocation preparations for a troop of vervet monkeys that have now been released into a National Park. And hopefully the same will happen for Haggis and Chuck, the two orphaned baboons I got the chance to care for during my time there!
I got a lot out of my experience in Malawi, more than I can probably put into words. It’s definitely a work hard-play hard way of life but extremely rewarding once you think about what you’ve achieved and seeing the animals improve. I’d recommend Lilongwe Wildlife Centre to anyone (of any age) looking to learn more about the wildlife of Africa, and my advice to you would be to get stuck in right from the beginning and stay as long as you can!