POSTER COMPETITION WINNERS ANNOUNCED: ‘Protect Malawi’s Wildlife’, ‘Titeteze chilengedwe chathu’

In the lead up to the World Wildlife Day celebrations we issued a worldwide poster competition in which participants were asked to put pen to paper and create A4 posters using the phrase ‘Protect Malawi’s Wildlife’ or ‘Titeteze chilengedwe chathu’. The aim of the competition was to spread awareness of the issues put forward by the campaign and to encourage people from around the world to get involved and feel a part of Malawi’s cause. We had almost 600 entries in total, both local and international, with some fantastically artistic designs. Many of them were from school children in Malawi signifying a strong passion for wildlife and the ambitions of the campaign having far-reaching effects on the youth of the country. View all the entries here

Thanks to sponsorship from CFAO we were able to offer cash prizes to the top three entries of four categories:

a) English under 14 years
b) English 14 years & over
c) Chichewa under 14 years
d) Chichewa over 14 years

The entries were shortlisted and with a judging panel of representatives from The Nation, CFAO, Lilongwe Wildlife Trust and DNPW the winners were found! Check out our creative winners here:

English Under 14

1st Place2nd place 3rd place

English 14 & over

1st place2nd Place3rd Place


Chichewa Under 14

1st Place2nd Place3rd Place


Chichewa 14 & over

1st Place2nd Place3rd place