LILONGWE WILDLIFE CENTRE NEWS: The dominant female of our release clan of hyenas gave us all a shock when she gave birth to a cub shortly before the clan went down to Liwonde National Park. Sadly, he was rejected by his mother so our team of staff and volunteers have been taking care of him ever since. We have named him Usiku, meaning ‘night’ in the local language.

Hyaenas are carnivores that exhibit most complex social behaviour, which makes hand rearing a tricky task. As he’s getting bigger he’s becoming quite a handful as he’s extremely playful and loves company. We don’t have any other hyaenas so a special team of caretakers and volunteers are assigned to keep Usiku company throughout the day.

For proper social development and future survival in the wild it would be beneficial for Usiku to live with other hyaenas. Our aim is now to find him a suitable home with a clan that he can join and hopefully be released with. But until then he’s definitely giving our volunteers the run-around!


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