Katie Burkett, 22, England – May 2015

During my time at the wildlife centre I have learnt a lot about animal rehabilitation and rescue. I was able to get involved in a whole range of things in my time there including bottle feeding and taking care of the orphans. I was also able to help with integrations, observations, health checks and office work.
I was originally supposed to be volunteering for a four week period, however, I extended three times and ended up staying at the centre for a total of five months! I extended so much longer as I was really enjoying the work involved especially orphan care, volunteers are given a clear induction into the work and feedback issues to the staff. The staff are also a great support for any work related issues, they are friendly and approachable and a big part of what makes the volunteering experience so enjoyable.
I had been looking for a placement volunteering with animals for a while and I am so happy that I chose this one. The experience and the things I have learnt are amazing and will help me with the next step in a career. I am definitely considering returning for another orphan season!