Malawi ivory case: Sentencing set for June 16

Published in The Nation online on 7th May 2015

Written by George Singini


LWT_ivory_haul_mzuzu-600x450The High Court in Mzuzu has set June 6 2015 as the date when judge Dingiswayo Madise will deliver his ruling in a case where the State want the court to give a K4.5 billion (US$10 465 116) fine and 18 years jail term to two first offenders who pleaded guilty to charges of ivory trade and money laundering.

Madise was about to sentence Patrick and Chancy Kaunda (brothers) on April 30 after they pleaded guilty, but senior State advocate Neverson Chisiza asked for an adjournment after Madise rebuffed the State on the K4.5 billion fine and 18 years jail term.

The judge opted for assessment of the convicts’ income determine value of the fine. He feared the fine and jail term would be oppressive, a mockery to justice and put the court into disrepute.