Today is the day our four hyaenas said goodbye to the city, for good! We have waited patiently for the roads to dry up and have been given the all clear from our release site…so we’re good to go!


A big operation needs lots of manpower. Starting in the very early hours of the morning Dr Amanda Salb, the Carnivore Research Malawi team and all our staff and volunteers set out to capture the four-strong clan and place them in their individual transportation crates. It was no easy task, but the four hyaenas were darted, one by one, and successfully and carefully moved into the crates and then into the removal truck, kindly provided by AGS Movers. They are currently on their way to a new life and a new home in Liwonde NP, where they will have plenty of exploring to do in beautiful surroundings. The CRM team will be closely tracking and monitoring their progress using the ‘Followit’ VHF collars that they have been fitted with. We will try to keep you updated with their developments!


It will make a big change from their temporary home at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre where their whooping and infamous laughs can be heard each evening by our on-site staff and volunteers; a sound they will no doubt miss now that the hyaenas have moved on to their new home!


Find out more about the joint carnivore project here


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