While we wait for the impending relocation of the captive clan of hyaenas, we have been working closely with Carnivore Research Malawi (CRM) to conduct further research into the wild urban hyaena clan that are still living in Lilongwe. Not far from Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, the clan can sometimes be spotted near to the roads and in the wildness areas in the heart of the city. As little is known about their nocturnal activity, CRM have decided to conduct research on them.


Together with our vet, Dr Amanda Salb, the team spent countless sleepless nights baiting one of their known haunts in the hope that they would be able to dart one of them so that they can be fitted with a radio collar and then tracked. Working with wildlife often entails much patience, but after two weeks of hoping, the team succeeded! A large female was successfully collared and will now be monitored in the nights to follow by the CRM team to find out more about their whereabouts and social activity.


Photos courtesy of Carnivore Research Malawi 

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