Another update from our Primate Release Project Manager, Amanda, on injured Jojo’s reunion with the release troop including some amazing photos of life in the bush!

March has come and with it the rains have seemed to stop. The bush is teeming with tall green grass, home to plenty of grasshoppers and caterpillars, along with mushrooms, new shoots, and now flowers for the baboons to enjoy! Everyone is eating lots and growing big quickly.

Last week the release team made a trip back to the Wildlife Centre to pick up a female baboon named Jojo. Jojo was originally with John’s Troop but sustained some injuries prior to the release and had to be taken back to the Centre to recuperate. Jojo is such a social, friendly, and sweet adult female. She originally came to the Centre after spending the first few years of her life chained to a tree in someone’s yard.

After a few weeks of some TLC from the LLWC veterinary team, Jojo was ready to rejoin her troop in their new life in the wild. Jojo was repacked in her transport box and taken back up to Kasungu National Park.

After getting reacquainted with the troop from the safety of the release enclosure, Jojo was finally released out into the wild. All the baboons happily greeted one another! Jojo was a little apprehensive at first about her new surroundings, just as the rest of the troop had been on their first day. She was climbing every few trees to get a good look around at the bush. She quickly and easily re-joined her troop, as they showed her around their new home and all the good natural foods it has to offer. She gets particularly excited about eating the wild mushrooms and playing with baby Tosca.

Find out more about Jojo’s background here

Jojo4 IMG_0534

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