DSCF3194In response to a recent letter to the president, China yesterday made a ground-breaking announcement: that they have decided to ignite a one year ivory ban. The open letter, signed by celebrities such as David Attenborough and wildlife organisations including Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, called for Xi Jinping to end the country’s trade in ivory to halt the worrying decline of African elephants.

The illegal ivory trade has reached staggering levels in recent years despite the negative impact it is having on the source countries in Africa. China holds 70% of the demand for ivory, and the populations of African elephants are suffering enormously. The ban is an enormous win for conservationists and shows the influence that appeals and petitions can have.

While the letter was tackling the ivory trade at the top of the chain, our current petition is attempting to deal with the root of the problem; the poaching itself and in-country enforcement on the ground in Malawi. The response to the petition so far has been fantastic and given the success the open letter has had we are hoping for big results. There is still time for it to grow before we present it to the government: add your voice to Malawi’s biggest ever wildlife campaign here.