We received a call this morning from a lecturer at a nearby University in Bunda asking for advice regarding a duiker being sold by two women. By complete chance this was overheard by a student there, Catherine Chunga, who also happens to be an employee at Department of National Park & Wildlife. She swiftly took matters into her own hands to take the women aside and confiscate the animal.

Our rescue team here at the Centre set off to collect the animal and explain to the women that were held that the selling and killing of wild animals is, in fact, illegal. It would appear that this is somewhat of a regular occurrence at the University but now that the word has spread we hope it will be a thing of the past.

This story shows that our awareness campaigns and messages are getting through and we have become the first port of call for situations such as this, as is evident from our intake in animals over the past few months. We are now caring for eight orphaned monkeys and seven orphaned duikers – the most that we’ve ever had by a long shot! They are keeping our volunteers very busy but it’s very fulfilling for everyone to see their improvement – it makes all the hard work that goes in worthwhile.

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