M.Trimble Majete Lion Collaring-4WERU vets Amanda and Joseph are off to Zimbabwe next week to get a thorough lesson in game capture! The Wildlife Capture Africa course takes places each year over a ten day period to offer an intensive programme  in the science and art of chemical and physical restraint of wild animals. Thanks to The Wilderness Trust, who have funded the course for WERU, Amanda and Joseph will obtain a wealth of both theoretical and practical experience, and hands on training.

This course will enable the WERU team to respond to emergency situations all over Malawi with even more confidence and expertise. Prior to our WERU project, the DNPW have had to rely on private companies to fly in specialist overseas help, which is neither a timely or sustainable option. This way Malawi will have it’s very own game capture specialists in-situ who be able to respond swiftly and efficiently to such crises.