z giraffe 3We had some very distressing news that one of the giraffes at Kuti wildlife reserve, who we work very closely with, had been found dead. He had been seen alive and well the day before so this must have come very suddenly. When instances like this occur, the most that we can do is try to determine the cause of death, to ensure that no other animals are at risk.

Amanda got on the case immediately and took a trip over to Kuti to perform a necropsy of the adult male. A post-mortem examination revealed only minor issues such as parasites, but these were not likely to be the cause of the sudden death. There was no sign of trauma, serious disease, or lightning strike, all possible causes of sudden death in wild animals. Unfortunately no finite cause of death was clear, so his death sadly remains a mystery, and a frustrating end to this majestic creature.

This adult male leaves behind a juvanile giraffe, now the only giraffe left at Kuti wildlife reserve.