LILONGWE WILDLIFE CENTRE NEWS: You may remember the story of Hamu the serval cat, who was confiscated from a roadside seller in July 2014. Since arriving at the centre he has been a firm favourite with our volunteers and initially got lots of much-needed attention and enrichment.

However serval cats grow very quickly and we have seen Hamu develop from a fluffy looking kitten into a beautiful big cat armed with sharp teeth and claws!

The exciting day has now come where Hamu is moving into a brand new enclosure where he’ll be able to run and leap among the trees and grass, and learn to be wild again. Now human contact will be kept to an absolute minimum so that he does not depend on people and his instincts can kick in.

We hope that Hamu will be able to be released into a National Park in Malawi sometime next Spring, but until then he now has his spacious new enclosure to discover and settle into.

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