Nicole Richter, 38, Germany – November 2014

I came to the Centre to fulfill a life-long dream, to help with animals in Africa. After a long search across Africa, I decided for the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre (the only rescue centre in Malawi) because of their strict hands-off policy, awards and 360 degree view; besides animal rescue/rehabilitation their work includes education and reforestation. My first day here was frankly daunting, it was a long way from my banking office and I had zero experience. But that’s why I decided to stay for 3 months, to do it properly, which turned out to be the best decision. I dived head first into a new world and got to love it so much. I learnt tons, met great people and happily left my comfort bubble numerous times. It’s definitely hard work but when you look into two tiny, grateful eyes during feeding it’s all worth it. I got to care for baby monkeys, serval, duikers, bushbuck, observe lions, hyenas, help in examinations and operations … hello?! All I can say, LWC was the right centre to support and I’d come back in a heartbeat.