LILONGWE WILDLIFE CENTRE NEWS: Bohannon or ‘Bo’ as he’s affectionately known around the centre joined us in September 2014. He was found dehydrated, dirty and completely traumatised after being taken away from his mum and tossed around by some children. Our team set to work with fluids, vitamins and round the clock care, and he soon improved dramatically from the frail state he was in.

The next step was introducing Bo with a foster mother during his delicate early years – and here is where Ida came in. Ida the female adult baboon was a great choice to place Bo with and in no time they clicked like real-life mother and son. This is going fantastically and he is naturally picking up more and more of his instinctive baboon behaviour.

Although he can still show sign of distress at times and is extremely dependent on Ida at the moment, but she is a fantastic foster mum and is making every effort to help Bo feel at ease.

This is the next step will be integrating him with a troop of baboons so that he can start to become more confident and make friends of his own with the rest of the troop. We have every hope that he will one day make it back into the wild.

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