We said goodbye to 26 yellow baboons on the 9th of January 2013 as they were rightfully returned to the wild in Kasungu National Park. A year later we are happy to report that the cheeky troop have settled into their home perfectly. One year after the release date, the group has their own territory, are healthy, feeding themselves properly and finding water even in the driest period. They are demonstrating normal social behaviour and are even staring to reproduce.

The group even has a new member! A wild adult male, who we named Alexander, has successfully integrated after just a few weeks. This is positive news on many levels. He was interested in joining the release groups, which indicates he registered a suitable troop that would ensure his survival. The members of he release group knew how to behave around him and his integration received little conflict.

After just one year our yellow baboons are thriving in the wild. This is greatly encouraging and we hope that our next few releases are just as successful.