LILONGWE WILDLIFE CENTRE NEWS: Every year, we see an influx of orphans with the beginning of the rains.  This year is no exception, and our volunteers have their work cut out to provide round the clock surrogate care.  It’s exhausting but very rewarding work if you’re passionate about animals! As soon as possible we integrate orphans with their own kind to give them the best chance of survival back in the wild where they belong with a new family.  The time needed to rehabilitate them depends on how young they are, how traumatised they are by their experience and the extent of their injuries.

The most common intake are baboons and monkeys but we’ve also had baby duikers, owls, and eagles in the last month.  As the only accredited wildlife sanctuary in Malawi, we’re in demand and new arrivals and calls for help are a regular occurrence, and in orphan season this can be almost daily.

Here’s a few photos of our most recent intake, a tiny little vervet who was rescued from a roadside seller and whom we estimate is no more than a week old.  It is likely that his mother had been killed, sadly this is often done on purpose so that the baby could be stolen.  He is doing well and luckily we have lots of other orphans in at the moment so he is likely to have new brothers and sisters in the next couple of months.

oprhan (2) oprhan (3) oprhan (4) oprhan (5)