beauty_webLILONGWE WILDLIFE CENTRE NEWS: Yesterday these two girls arrived at the gates of Lilongwe Wildlife Centre with this baby duiker. It turned out that that their neighbour had it in their garden and since the girls had both visited Lilongwe Wildlife Centre they had learnt that it was illegal to keep wild animals and that if you see an animal in distress you should contact LWC. So they talked to the neighbour who agreed to let it go and the two girls then took two buses to bring in the orphan themselves. They didn’t want anything in return – a small and poignant example to show that education works! So we let them name her (she is now called Beauty) and have given them free Friends membership to the Wildlife Centre so they can come whenever they want for free. Beauty is still very young but our volunteers have taken her on and we will keep you updated on her progress. Here they are together after handing her over to our animal care manager, Jasper.