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Malawi is known for its friendly people and beautiful places, but poverty, deforestation and wildlife crime have put the nation’s wildlife under immense pressure. The ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ is also Southern Africa’s principal transit hub for the trafficking of illicit wildlife products, which threatens some of the region’s most iconic species such as elephants with extinction.

Our Mission

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To safeguard Malawi’s wildlife and empower guardians of the wild.
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Our Work


Wildlife Rescue & Welfare

We're working towards a future where every wild animal in Malawi is free from human-inflicted suffering
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Conservation Justics

We dream of a Malawi where everyone respects and protects wildlife.
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Environmental Education & Advocacy

Malawi was recently confirmed as Southern Africa’s principal transit hub for illegal wildlife products – a key link in a chain of poaching,
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Biodiversity Research

Malawi has high species richness and endemism but that remarkable biodiversity is under threat from the likes of wildlife crime, human-wildlife conflict and deforestation.
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