Vet Externships

vet externshipsAs part of our volunteer programme we also offer placements for vet externships, aimed at students actively enrolled in vet or veterinary technology/nursing school. Our vet externs will be involved in all aspects of animal care and husbandry at LWC, with particular focus on animal health and veterinary care.

Vet externships at LWC…

LWC receives a diverse range of animals including monkeys, duikers, hedgehogs and serval cats. Vet externs assist the on-site veterinarian when any clinical work arises, including incoming exams, minor trauma, health checks and routine diagnostics. We also run the country’s Wildlife Emergency Response Unit (WERU) which provides nationwide coverage for emergencies like snared elephanT, or the collaring of carnivores for research. Unfortunately due to the nature of the work we are rarely able to include volunteers in these operations. However spend some time with our hero veterinarian, Dr Amanda Salb, and you’ll find that she has many a story to tell and resources to share.

Vet externs are based at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in the heart of the capital city and all veterinary activities will be under the supervision of an experienced LWC or WERU veterinarian. Please note that veterinary work is not likely to be everyday, and externs will participate in the Centre’s other on-site work in animal care and orphan care.

weru vet externshipsWhat you’ll be doing…

  • Assisting the on-site veterinarian in all aspects of veterinary care that occur during your stay, such as incoming exams, minor trauma, health checks and routine diagnostics.
  • Learning from experts in wildlife veterinary science.
  • Orphan care including feeding and potentially hand rearing orphans.
  • Rehabilitation including integrations and observations.

This is a fantastic opportunity for vet students to get to grips with the wild side of veterinary science and experience some exciting procedures at one of Africa’s leading wildlife sanctuaries.


Further details about the research placements and how to get involved please download our information pack below

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