Research Placements

transectLilongwe Wildlife Trust and Conservation Research Africa are working together to offer a bespoke range of volunteer research projects working with the wildlife of Malawi. With a wealth of knowledge in behavioural ecology and animal husbandry, our experts in the field can offer you a unique volunteer experience learning from the best.

Malawi is a unique county with remnant populations of primates, carnivores and bats in each national park with very little conservation research.  There is a wealth of knowledge to be learnt from this small country and with very few projects available here, you’ll be working on ground-breaking developments in the research world.

About you…

For each research programme we are looking for volunteers that have completed an undergraduate degree in a related subject, understand the fundamentals of field research and have a keen willingness to learn!

Jojo4Primate Research Programme

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust have been running a primate release programme for the last three years operating in Kasungu National Park. In January 2016 a troop of vervet monkeys will be released with our team set to follow the troop, making reports and collecting data and we are now giving volunteers the opportunity to assist them in all aspects of the field work. The purpose of the project is to contribute to a body of fundamental research on the extent to which these animals are able to adapt to life in the wild and how it contributes to their welfare compared to a life in captivity. With a successful history in primate releases, this is an incredibly exciting project to get involved in and learn about primate behaviour, releases and life in the field. Read more about volunteering on this project here.

DSCF3002Carnivore Research Programme

Carnivore Research Malawi conduct a variety of research projects in both Kasungu and Liwonde National Parks giving you the opportunity to gain a diverse range of skills. Conducting research on all carnivores and their prey, expect to get involved with many aspects of data collection including camera trapping for carnivores, acoustic calling in surveys, spotlighting surveys and radio tracking (when collars are on hyaena). Project results are used to update IUCN species status reports and assist Department of National Parks & Wildlife (DNPW) in long-term population monitoring and protected area management.

Bat Research Programme

newbatAfrican Bat Conservation provide a unique opportunity to work with bats and biodiversity research in Africa. Little is known about African bats, and Malawi is estimated to have over 64 species! This makes your experience even more exciting as we are in unchartered territory in bat research, waiting to discover weird and wonderful new things about bats in Malawi. Field research includes bat trapping and acoustic surveys, GIS mapping, insect and small mammal surveys, vegetation and habitat sampling. This programme gives volunteers a unique opportunity to work alongside qualified scientists as they conduct novel research in many cases on previously unstudied species.


Further details about the research placements and how to get involved please download our information pack below

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Download Research Pack


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Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust also runs an award winning wildlife rescue centre in the heart of the capital city. A further volunteer experience  to consider; you can assist with a variety of work including caring for orphaned animals,  rehabilitation, integrations and observations. With just under 200 animals currently in residence, including birds, reptiles, carnivores, primates and antelope, there is plenty of work for volunteers of any background to get involved with.

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