Conservation Medicine

The bushmeat and pet trades are important drivers globally of emerging infectious diseases. Malawi’s higpopulation density, poverty and the lack of buffer zones around protected areas intensifies the contact at the interface between wildlife, humans and livestock. Little is known about the disease strains in Malawi, so our investigations will start to provide some insights.

Primate Faecal Pathogens

A wild troop of vervet monkeys live alongside rescued monkeys currently in residence at our sanctuary.  This has provided a great opportunity to examine the faecal samples in these wild monkeys versus a captive population, in order to identify gastrointestinal pathogens and assess their prevalence among free-ranging monkey troops in Malawi.

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Ungulate Ectoparasites

Since little is known about ectoparasites in wildlife species in Malawi, we are currently collecting specimens to survey ungulates’ ectoparasites in protected areas.