Community Forests

Ntchuwa school planting day (2) training local school training (6)Funded by the International Tree Foundation and UNDP (GEF), this project aims to restore habitats and encourage sustainable livelihoods.  Elements of the project include afforestation along rivers and other degraded areas and the establishment of sustainable wood lots, fuel briquette enterprises and community permaculture plots.

In 2012 the ITF grant enabled us to create six community woodlots (in schools), plant over 10,000 trees and establish four fuel briquette enterprises, run by LWT established CBO’s that made and sold over 12,000 briquettes. As a result of the pilot’s success we won a $35,000 UNDP (GEF) grant which is financing the full programme in our partner communities over the next two years.  2013 results will follow shortly.

Elements of the project have been taken on to a pilot project in four communities around Salima.  This year so far (2013) 28,000 trees have been planted and training and materials have been provided to four mbaula women’s cooperatives, who are now all successfully producing and selling their fuel efficient eco-stoves.

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