Malawi’s Wildlife In Danger

Malawi is now officially the poorest country in the world and holds the world’s 5th highest rate of deforestation, often pushing wildlife matters off the agenda. Though smaller than its neighbours, it is home to significant strongholds of wildlife and a unique biodiversity that is important for the lives of the people as well as animals. Sadly, due to a growing pressure on natural resources fuelled by a rapidly increasing population, and a high level of wildlife crime driven by extreme poverty, our wildlife is disappearing. And once lost, it will be lost forever.

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust began in 2007 working to rescue and protect wild animals, restore the habitats that they need to survive and drive awareness of the importance of wildlife. We approach these issues from all angles; directly rescuing wildlife in need, providing people with sustainable alternatives, educating the youth, and working all the way up to policy level alongside Government including law enforcement agencies. We are now at a critical stage in Malawi’s future in terms of sustainable development and wildlife conservation, and our work had never been more crucial.

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